Special Music

Special music is more than just a song.  It’s heartfelt praise and a way we give thanks to the Lord for the blessings and gifts He has given us.  Special music doesn’t have to be limited to a song.  It can be a dance, a routine put to music, an instrumental performance, or a poem.  This is a time of offering back to the Lord what He has so generously given us and a way we can lead others to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord.  What we do and say in this time can completely change the way others look at the Savior!

If you are interested in helping with Special Music please e-mail jonmclifton@gmail.com or contact the church office and leave a message for Jon-Michael.

Listed below is the special music performance order.  If you cannot sing on the date assigned please notify the church office and Jon-Michael as soon as possible so we can get someone else to fill in.  Thank you for giving back to the Lord!