At Bell Avenue we have several different ways you can plug in to the music ministry and help serve.  If you are interested in helping with any of the ministries listed below please contact Jon-Michael and let him know.  He will be glad to get you plugged in and connected.

 Adult Choir

The adults choir meets to rehearse on Sunday afternoons from 5-6 pm, and sings at the 11 am Sunday service.  We prepare music for specials through out the year with larger emphasis upon Christmas and easter.  Most recently the choir performed A 1940’s Christmas Musical and is currently working on the anthem It Took the Cross for Easter.  There is no special requirement to join the adult choir, just a willingness to praise the Lord through music.  We encourage anyone who is interested to come and join us in rehearsal.  Remember the Lord always qualifies the called and equips them as necessary.  You don’t have to be Sinatra or Puccini in order to lift your voice to the Lord!

Children’s Choir

The children’s department splits time between Kids Zone and the children’s choir.  They meet after school on Wednesday’s under the direction of Libby Clifton and Kristie Logan.  They work on children’s songs, music knowledge and occasionally perform special music for the church during Sunday Morning Worship.  When possible the children are also incorporated into the Christmas Musical.  We want all children to get involved and become a part of the church.  The children’s choir is a place to have fun, learn more about God, and get involved at a young age.

Sound Board Operators

The sound board operators are a vital part of the music ministry.  They help to run the audio for Sunday morning and evening services, revivals, and all special events.  Without them it would be difficult to hear or see what’s going on! If you don’t have experience but want to help and learn we will be glad to train you.  If you are interested in joining the rotation please contact Jon-Michael.